Inspection and Audit

The Inspection & Audit module is designed to manage the audit process by scheduling audits and managing the items identified during any audit or inspection program. Information is able to be inputted via mobile application (iOS and Android), batch uploads or manual.

The Inspection & Audit module extends the audit process to manage the issues identified. It caters for multiple sites, audit types, procedures and organisational structures. The Inspection & Audit Mobile App will be used to do assessments, sending the data to the database where it can be tracked and assigned to users.

System Features:

  • Detailed reporting at a portfolio, regional or site level
  • Assign due dates to issues
  • Assign issues to persons responsible
  • Updates management and persons responsible on overdue and upcoming issues
  • Creates an audit trail of actions taken to rectify issues
  • Stores documents and photos related to sites, issues or actions
  • Inspection & Audit Mobile App can quickly capture data and photos for immediate upload
  • Automated Reminders
Inspection and Audit

Audit and Inspection Mobile Application

Inspection & Audit assists in the identification, assessment and control of non-compliances within an organisation. The management of non-compliances allows clients to have an understanding of their current exposures or issues.

The Audit & Inspection Mobile Applications allow users to undertake audits & Inspections in the field using a mobile device. Multiple templates can be setup minimising time spent documenting and easy duplication. Data and photos are then captured in the field and synced with the system. The Audit Mobile application automates alerts, assigns tasks and saves time on reporting.

The flexibility of the system allows management of a wide range of audit/inspection types across risk & compliance areas, including:

  • Safety and environmental sign plant In / Out
    • Plant inspections
  • Hazardous materials
  • Internal compliance
  • Quality

System Features:

  • Real time records
  • Sign In / Sign Out functionality
  • GPS positioning
  • Capturing hours worked
  • Data sharing with Comply Flow System
  • Card reader uses NFC Technology
  • Data export functionality
Inspection and Audit
Inspection and Audit


Exports of client ready PDF exports cut down report writing and update as actions are closed off in the system. The management of information within the system is automated, allowing for live reporting functionality and visibility throughout all levels of the organisation.