Dashboard Reporting

The Comply Flow Dashboard can create a diverse range of reporting and analysis tools to get a snapshot of the projects and sites within your organisation.

Comply Flow provides a default dashboard to all users that will show basic reporting details but the real strength is configuring the reports that make the most sense to you. All Comply Flow Modules eg. Safety Statistics and Incident, are reported on in one place.

Data Mapping

The data-mapping functionality of the Comply Flow system links data from different accounts into a single dashboard. This requirement has been developed so that clients with a wide range of project types and/or joint ventures can obtain a single source of information for corporate report requirements.

Dashboard Reporting

Figure 1: Data Mapping with regions

Dashboard Reporting

Figure 2: Data Mapping with Joint Ventures

System Features:

  • Real time information
  • Multiple dashboards, sections and widgets available
  • Easy setup and adding of additional reports
  • Capture data from multiple accounts/project
  • Reporting across all Comply Flow modules
  • Easy duplication of report for different periods