Access Control

Comply Flow Access is designed to manage the compliance requirements and capturing data as people enter and leave areas on a project. This document is an overview of the different parts that make up the system.

1. Hardware

Access Cards

Access Control Card

RFID cards issued to everyone on site. Used to tap the person IN and OUT to fixed device or mobile phones.

Fixed Device

Access Control Box

Can be placed anywhere on site. Internet is inside the box, the only requirements are a power point or connect a battery for a mobile sign in point.

Mobile Phone

Access Control Phone

NFC Capable Android phones can act as a sign on point and a live register of who is on site.

3rd Party Integration Options:

  • Turnstiles
  • Sensor Barriers
  • Doors
  • Boom Gates
  • Breathalysers

2. Instant Messaging

With the latest release of the Muster List, messages are sent to all the devices instantly when someone signs IN or OUT of a location and will be displayed in the Project Sign In Book. Fixed Devices and Mobile Phones operate on the same system.

Access Control Instant Messaging

3. Compliance Filters

Compliance Filters are created for Contractor Companies, Contractor Workers and Project Staff. It sets the minimum requirements for documentation and training for people to be allowed into a zone.

Access Control Compliance Filters

Figure 1: Example of a contracting company requirements for Project Zone 1.

Compliance Filters are assigned to Project Zones and within zones the Locations (Mobile or Fixed Device) are assigned.

Project > Project Zone > Compliance Filter > Device (Mobile / Fixed Device)

At the beginning of each day all Compliant Access ID records are sent to the devices depending on what zone they are allocated. If a person signs in with a card that is not in the list they will be flagged to report to their site contact.

Access Control Compliance Filters By Zone

NOTE: By default each project will have one zone and all filters will be set to "Assigned to the project" this will allow everyone to sign in and catch any invalid cards.

4. Device Management

Fixed Devices and Mobile Phones belong to a Location and a Project Zone.

Project Zones

Compliance Filters assigned to this Project Zone will determine the requirements for people signing into this device.

Persons Responsible

Adding a person responsible to a location will allow them to sign people IN and OUT of this location via their Mobile Phone. Contractor Workers and Project Staff can be added to this list.


Locations are assigned when adding a Fixed Device. They may also be added for Mobile Phones to sign into. The location will show up in the Project Sign In Book when someone signs into a location.

5. Night Shift or Forgetting to Sign Out

This scenario covers people forgetting to sign OUT vs those on Night Shift. Hours are assigned to the day the person signed IN.

In previous versions, the devices reset at midnight to cover all people forgetting to sign OUT. Now the system will sign all people OUT that have been signed in for 20 hours. This will send an OUT message to all devices on the project and add the default hours to the person in the Safety Stats.

Default: Dependant on your existing settings. 9.99 or 20 hours.

6. Breathalyser Mode

To capture records of Breath Tests there is "Breathalyser Mode". This option is available to all people that have been given access to the Muster List. False reporting should be managed at a site level, or can be filtered out during reporting.

Access Control Breathalyser

By Selecting the “Breathalyser Mode” when signing people IN, the record will go back to the Project Sign In Book with “Breathalyser” in the Flagged Column. Data can be interrogated by exporting a date range to excel to determine the total number of tests done in a period of time.

7. Project Sign In Book and Safety Stats

All data is instantly sent to the Project Sign In Book, where filters can be applied for Company, date and Location.

If Mobile Phone users have Location Settings on, a GPS record will also be displayed in the Project Sign in Book showing where the person signed IN or OUT.

Access Control Safety Stat Location

Safety Stats

Data from the project Sign In Book is sent to the Safety Stats module at midday the following day.