We had a big year in 2015 and reached some significant milestones in providing better automation and visibility for our clients in their operations.

April 2016

An overview our achievements for 2015:

  • Tracking and management of over 250,000 compliance related documents.
  • Over 10,000 workers were added to the system last year.
  • 10,000 items of mobile plant entered into the system.
  • Recording over 100,000 working hours per week.
  • Development of Fixed Device Access Control Units to record workers accessing large civil projects in real time.

We have added a Mobile Application team (iOS and Android) to help us develop a fully mobile solution and push our solutions out of the office where they are needed most.

The support and development teams have been increased by 100% throughout the year.

The following modules were completed last year and continue to be rolled out on some of the larger civil projects being undertaken in Australia.


Comply Flow Access is now complete with a fully integrated system incorporating:

  • Configurable Permits module.
  • Automated email alerts for approvals.
  • Track progress of permits.
  • Automatic Permits Register is maintained.

Incident Management

  • Build incident forms to match your company forms.
  • Step by step incident reporting based on incident type and responses.
  • Includes configurable incident investigation section (ICAM, Root Cause).
  • Tracks actions generated as part of incident investigation.
  • Reporting on relevant incident information, FAI, LTI, MTI, etc.

Muster List Application

  • Tracks workers onsite for emergency response management.
  • Sign people in and out using NFC on mobile phones.
  • Removing the hardware costs by using a mobile app to record people coming and going turns every foreman or site manager into an access point.

Plant Inspection Application

  • Sign plant in or out via inspection application (confirms compliance documentation and physical characteristics of plant).
  • QR code scanner for Identification.
  • Configurable Plant inspection templates.

Audit & Inspection for iOS and Android

  • Undertake field audits, includes findings, recommendations, photos and other relevant information using smartphone / tablet devices.
  • All items tracked automatically via the system, email alerts to persons responsible.
  • Customised reporting on open/closed items with ability to filter by site, region, portfolio, project.
  • Ability to use without internet connectivity and sync when back in the office (great for remote sites).

Case Study

More and more of our clients are going paperless when it comes to completing inspections in the field.

A local consultancy used the Inspection App for IPhone to undertake site inspections and SWMS reviews for a project in Western Sydney that involving the removal of 160 tonnes of asbestos from site. Traditionally this involved altering and printing out a document, grabbing a clipboard and heading into the field to record everything using paper, pen and a digital camera.

Once finished it was back to the office to collate the information into a format suitable to send to the client.

The application was completed on the IPhone in a time similar to using pen and paper and then synced to the online database. From here it was simply a matter of logging into the computer, confirming the details of the inspection (quality control) and then downloading a client ready pdf for emailing. 

Corrective actions were immediately sent to the relevant personnel and online records of each inspection maintained.

The time savings, with no decrease in quality, were significant for what ended up being complex project with large demands due to an onsite incident.