We hope you had a great FY2016 and are looking forward to the next 12 months.

July 2016

We've been busy since our last update, removing paper, duplication and automating processes on some of the largest civil projects in Australia. Significant milestones for the last quarter as follows:

Access Control

Comply Flow Access is now complete with a fully integrated system incorporating:

  • Mobile Phones and Fixed Devices
  • Access Cards
  • Fatigue Management
  • Compliance requirements

Each worker is verified as being competent (appropriate licenses and inductions) before being permitted to access site. This can be combined with any drug or alcohol testing requirements and also links through to the management of worker fatigue.

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The benefits of the access system are that clients are able to see who is on site at any time and where they signed into site - handy given that some of our clients have projects stretching into the 10’s of kilometres with multiple work zones.

Plant Management

Managing plant has always been a complex process with ever increasing compliance requirements.  With the new plant inspection app you can leave the office behind and have access to all the plant information out in the field and without internet.

Conduct fit for purpose checklists on any item of plant, take photos, assign actions and schedule the next inspection all instantly from a mobile phone. No more paper, all data is entered once and available to all stakeholders instantly.

Available for Android and iOS.

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Online Training

The Comply Flow training module (for internal and external workers) has been upgraded to a SCORM compliant platform. Clients are able to develop training content, allocate it to different categories of worker, view completion rates with management level reporting.

Automation for Inductions

Our clients are going paperless when it comes to managing inductions by implementing an automated system.

One of the largest Construction Projects in  Sydney use Comply Flow Training Management to schedule, book and manage face to face inductions. Prior to any worker booking into an induction all tickets and qualifications are approved and an online induction completed.

Traditionally the induction process is unorganised, admin heavy with large gaps in control and management.

That's it from us, thanks for taking the time to read our company news and get in touch  if you would like to discuss anything further.