Welcome to the latest update from Comply Flow, we’ve been busy building things and solving problems as always.

October 2016

There’s a trend emerging for principal contractors to take a consistent approach to access, plant and contractor management across all their projects. Comply Flow has been built from the ground up to handle projects within an organisation and it’s finally starting to make sense to the industry.

Here is what we’ve been working on in the last quarter:


The latest improvement to the Comply Flow system is the user dashboard. The dashboard allows for a diverse range of reporting and analysis applicable to each user. This ranges from individual projects or sites through to an entire portfolio or range of projects.

All in the one spot

Previously reviewing site/project information took time and resources to collate as information had to be obtained from multiple sources. The dashboard provides the required information in one place in real-time. This allows site staff, head office and management to see, at a glance, information specific to their requirements.


Use our standard dashboard reports or configure to suit your own individual requirements. Multiple dashboards can be set up to show the most relevant information in real-time.

Data Mapping

The ability to map different sources of data against each other for reporting purposes allows clients, who operate across multi-jurisdictional areas as well as those that engage in joint venture projects, to collate all information in one user friendly dashboard.  A JV project can be assigned to multiple accounts (client organisations) allowing for each partner to obtain necessary information automatically in a format that they are familiar with.

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The Inspection App has been a huge success with hundreds of inspections carried out weekly. Now with the KPI manager module, targets are assigned to individuals or teams allowing for reporting on project targets.

  • Automatic reporting based on Inspection App usage.
  • Targets per individual or group
  • Reporting on teams, individuals or roles
  • Adjustments and comments for target changes

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Automation for Permits

Contact with underground services is an ever present risk for the construction industry, incidents can lead to project delays, serious injury and significant financial implications. The management of this process using paper based systems can be time consuming and challenging to ensure compliance.

The Comply Flow Permit to Disturb management feature allows for the end to end management of this process, all online with visibility to relevant stakeholders.

The system allows for permits to be raised, reviewed and approved before works are permitted to commence. The status and workflow of the permit process is automated allowing for the relevant controls or approvals to be in place before each stage of the process is executed.

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