Campuses: 8

Type: A National University (The University)

Client: Joint Venture between 2 Multi-National Construction and Rail Corporations.

Students: 32000

Country: Australia

National University

The University engages Comply Flow to provide Vendor Pre-Qualification, Vendor and Worker Management across their campuses throughout Australia. Comply Flow integrates with with four other systems providing the true source of vendor and worker information and compliance across the organisation.

The University Vendors complete a registration form that identifies their campuses and work activity and pay a token fee for their worker cards. They then receive an invitation to Comply Flow where they are requested to upload their documentation and add their workers. Workers are then given access to complete online inductions, upload their documentation and a passport photo.

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Purchase Order System

Purchase orders can only be raised in The University if the vendor status is active in Comply Flow. The University PO System takes a direct feed from Comply Flow on a daily basis to determine which vendors can be used by campuses, any vendor without an active status indicating all compliance requirements are met cannot be engaged to do works. This adds significant control ensuring a successful adoption by vendors and The University staff to comply with requirements.

Unicard Access Cards

Unicard provide cards to staff and students, since the implementation of Comply Flow they can now provide cards to workers access control in building security systems. Once a worker satisfies all the requirements for their worker category their details are sent from Comply Flow to Unicard for printing. The id number from Comply Flow is used to manage the worker across all other systems.

Access Control

The Company that provides access control to campuses using the Unicard Access Card and compliance from Comply Flow. Comply Flow sends records of workers as they become active and inactive across The University Campuses. Their employer status is also taken into account, if a Public Liability document expires all their workers cards are restricted from accessing The University campuses.

AESC Help Desk

AESC provide help desk service to The University taking work orders from campuses. AESC take a direct feed from Comply Flow to access the active vendors for each campus that provide the service required.

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