Construction Value: > $2b AUD

Project Length: 4 years

Client: Joint Venture between 2 Multi-National Construction and Rail Corporations. (The JV)

Users: > 10k

Country: Australia

Light Rail Project

Comply Flow has been engaged by the JV since February 2015 to manage the project compliance, automate procedures managing Rail Safety Workers and comply with AEO Accreditation training requirements.

The JV are using most of our available features and we have worked very closely with management in developing and automating their procedures. As new people come onto the project, they rely on the systems configured into Comply Flow to do their job. Over 100 people on the project are using Comply Flow every day, with most of the admin team and major vendors spending ¾ of their working time in Comply Flow.

Contractor (Vendor) Pre-Qualification

Work packages are added as tenders in Comply Flow and vendor documentation is reviewed before a tender is awarded.

As a tender is awarded the vendor is added to the project where further documentation is requested prior to work commencing. Documentation is dependent on category of work being undertaken. Each document type has a workflow that determines what person or team is reviewing. All correspondence of document requests and reviews takes place in Comply Flow and offers full audit trail and traceability. Comply Flow allows all members of the team to contribute in the on boarding of vendors.

Contractor (Vendor) Management

After pre-qualification, documentation is tracked and notifications go out where a document is expiring. Vendor or project administrators can manage the account but applying strict guidelines on pushing the administration onto the vendor has resulted in significant reduction in administration and vendors having more visibility into what’s expected.

Worker Management:

Vendors add their workers onto the system where documents are requested based on role, plant being operated and general project requirements. Rail Safety Workers are assigned by the project team with document requests going to the vendor admin. Attributes are set up in the system that are required to be added for each worker for reporting to their client and is reflected in timesheet hours. Vendor admins provide their workers access to the online project inductions and upload their photo for the Access Card. Once all requests have been approved, an automated notification is sent to the vendor to book their compliant people into the site induction. After the site induction is complete they are issued their Access Card and can attend site. Internal Staff are handled in a similar fashion turning Comply Flow into a powerful HR management system.

Vendors, engineers, admins and training coordinators can contribute and have visibility into the process. Comply Flow closes the gaps in on boarding with hold points that are automated and can’t be bypassed by the vendor without complying to project requirements. SYDTRAC also manage their clients through these features.

Learning Management System

Comply Flow LMS is used to deliver training required by Head Office, Online Inductions and elements around Rail Safety Worker Training. Online Inductions rolled out early 2016 with a very complex SCORM training package that is engaging and professionally developed by a local production house.

The volume of people inducted on a weekly basis has doubled as the LMS handles significant activity for The JV reducing pressure on space, costs and time.

Training Management

The JV use the training management module to track the hours and costs associated with training for all types of courses. Any training activity recorded in the module displays on the access card. Like all projects, The JV rely on the training module to manage site inductions, showing information to the vendors and notifying admins when things change. Comply Flow developed automatic population of induction forms and self registering onto inductions for The JV to streamline the process and remove as much admin as possible.

Access ID cards

Cards are generated and issued at the induction by the project. Automated hold points ensure compliance prior to cards being issued and compliance filters send all authorised cards IDs to access points across site every day for automated ongoing management. Building security credentials are transferred to the cards allowing one card to access buildings, comply with regulations on a rail project and record their movements on site.

Access cards have all the elements required by legislation to manage compliance for regulations and ISO standards in use on Civil Construction / Rail Projects in Australia.

Sign In Hardware

Low cost internet connected devices are distributed across site to capture people coming and going. As a worker or staff signs into one location instant messages update all other locations and the Comply Flow server. With multiple work zones and people moving in between them, combined with the fatigue element of a rail job has forced our solutions in this space to be irreproachable.

Digitising all sign in activity removes paper, admin and increases visibility to all areas of the project and allow for significant automation in other areas.

Muster list Mobile sign on

Working on the same platform as the Sign in Hardware, every person on the project has access to a mobile phone app that can be used as a sign in point and muster list. Predominantly used by supervisors in work zones without a building it shows instant movements of all people on site whether permanent or temporary. When conducting breath tests, the app captures the records of all tests which automates reporting.

Plant Management

Vendors or engineers add plant to the system prior to it arriving on site, documentation is requested and sent to the right team to review. Distributing administration and providing visibility to the vendor has improved efficiency around managing plant. When plant arrives on site the inspection and sticker is issued via the plant inspection app.

Plant Inspection App

Plant inspection templates are configured in Comply Flow for the pre-acceptance and other checklists. When a plant arrives on site, the person responsible can assign a plant sticker, conduct the inspection, assign corrective actions, review documentation and sign the plant IN. All from the app, inspection details are synced back to the database that automatically schedules the next inspection, sends notifications out to persons responsible for corrective actions and records everything against the plant.

Comply Flow allows plant managers to conduct their work out on site without having to transfer information back at their desk.

Equipment Management

Measuring and testing equipment is added to Comply Flow by the vendor, documents are requested and calibration duration is set along with last calibration certificate. All documentation submitted by the vendor goes to the quality team to review. Notifications go out when calibrations are due, QR codes, cards or labels can be generated showing last and next calibrations.

Safety Statistics (Timesheets)

Safety stats are captured from across the site with sign in hardware and supervisors with mobile applications. All hours are captured digitally and collated in Comply Flow. Capturing persons attributes allows the project to generate complex client reporting requirements around the type of workers they have engaged on the project.

Contractor Safety Stats Review

To assist in fatigue management vendors are required to review their workers hours every week and submit any updates or changes to the project for approval. This also allows the vendor to report hours to the project where the worker isn’t attending site. Once submitted the project can review and any approved changes update the data that’s recorded leaving an audit trail behind.

Manager Safety Stats Review

Similar to the Contractor Safety Stats Review, managers also review their teams hours in a similar fashion.

Having these review mechanisms in place has significantly improved the accuracy of our solution and has resulted in 100% uptake in signing in and out. These features were developed for SYDTRAC.

Inspection – KPI Manager

Checklists and inspections templates are added to Comply Flow for use with the inspection app. Any internal staff member can carry out an inspection using the latest checklist at any time via their phone. Taking photos and assigning corrective actions is done in the field with all inspection feeding into the KPI manager for automatic reporting on KPIs across teams and roles. KPI Manager was developed for The JV.


Comply Flow replicates the incident reporting form and procedure for The JV. Supervisors to managers are adding incidents that trigger reporting groups. Alerts go to a person responsible where they can forward the notification on to the group. Contributing factors identified through process of adding an incident trigger corrective actions. Assigning a corrective action will notify the person responsible, once all corrective actions are closed the incident can be closed.


Comply Flow and The JV have worked together to develop innovative solutions that are implemented into one of the most complex projects currently underway. It’s pushed out product and delivery into a new level and we continue to innovate until the end of the project.