The Team

Comply Flow was established in 2009 by Sam Bourne (Risk & Compliance), Mitchell Bourne (Business) and Phil Wallach (IT). A combination of the founders backgrounds in Facilities Management, Construction, Occupational Health & Safety, Business Management and Information Technology have enabled Comply Flow to deliver highly automated systems that solve key issues in compliance at an enterprise level.

Mitchell Bourne

Managing Director & Client Liaison

Mitchell has been involved with software and business development for 14 years in food logistics, mobile phones, internet marketing and IPhone applications. He specialises in business logistics systems and has a working knowledge of most areas that make up a business. Previous roles Mitchell has fulfilled are Marketing, Accounting, Website Development, Business Systems development, Logistics, HR and Software Testing. He has a hands on role on all aspects of Comply Flow and is responsible for providing the resources and infrastructure to Sam and Phil to deliver their specialties.

Sam Bourne

Compliance Director

Sam has held various positions within property management, construction, government organisations and consultancies in the area of risk management and compliance over the past 15 years. With a background in construction, risk and compliance Sam is well placed to deliver products that meet clients' requirements. Sam has put his experience and knowledge into the development of Comply Flow Systems from the ground up.

Development team:

The Comply Flow development team follows the Software Engineering standards implemented by Phil Wallach and managed by Mitchell Bourne. With a capacity of 12 000 hours per year, new modules can be delivered in a short time frame by experienced developers that follow IEEE software engineering standards.

Phil Wallach

Chief Technical Officer

Phil has been developing enterprise level software solutions since 1981. He has a proven track record designing, developing and maintaining quality commercial software systems across a wide range of IT platforms and technical environments in many industries. Phil began his technical career with Lend Lease in 1981 and over the following decade he helped develop major applications for companies including Softway, Australia Bank and Tower Technology. He has worked on software systems for clients including Commonwealth Bank of Australia, Australian Securities and Investments Commission (ASIC), Deutsche Bank, Sydney Light Rail, AUSDOC and many more. Phil has broad experience with all phases of the software development life cycle (SDLC).

Michael Elder

Hardware Engineering

Michael has advanced experience with troubleshooting defective hardware and building custom hardware solutions to fit specialised needs. His expertise in hardware, software and networking adds great value to the Comply Flow software ecosystem

Nerida Bourne

Account Manager

Nerida has experience in a range of fields specialising in design, marketing and business development.

Mihai Moale

Lead Dev

Mihai has been developing complex architectural systems for 15 years, he leads the development team and has been with Comply Flow since 2010.